Fastway Post New Zealand

Fastway Post is a postal access operator using the delivery network of New Zealand Post and sold via  34 Office Product Depots (OPD) throughout New Zealand.

Fastway Post Products and Services

Our products cover the full range of national and international postal products and services including domestic courier solutions .


Postal products are sorted and delivered by NZ Post.

Where can you find Fastway Post products?

Fastway Post product are sold through your local Office Product Depot Store (OPD), to find your nearest OPD store go to
If you are  looking to buy Fastway envelopes and stamps  please contact Office Product Depot and ask for Fastway Post product.

To find your local Office Product Depot click here:


Fastway Office Products Depot Stores


Or contact us for more information or to discuss your businesses postal needs.



Fastway Post



Fastway Post is part of The New Zealand Mail Group - New Zealands' largest independent provider of postal services.